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Master's Programs in Computing

Master’s level programs play a significant role in the preparation of academics and professionals in the computing disciplines. These programs vary greatly within the wide variety of universities found in the European and American traditions, and across the increasingly broad range of computing disciplines. This website presents the conclusions of a joint committee of the ACM Education Board and the IEEE-CS Educational Activities Board. The committee was charged with identifying the characteristics of master’s degrees in computing, with particular attention to the variations and similarities found both within and between Europe and the United States. We understand that this constraint limits the investigation, and that there are important characteristics of degrees from other parts of the world that would further inform the conversation. The limited scope is for practical reasons at this time. Master's programs in computing must be defined first as master's degrees, and then as programs in computing. The website is not a curriculum recommendation. Rather, it provides a framework for describing specific masters programs that can be used to compare programs on the basis of their characteristics. There is no implication that one program is superior to another.
The eventual goal is to make it possible to present each program's characteristic features, so that students, faculty, and employers will understand what a particular program provides